I think that it was fate that I was to find Susan.

We were preparing to move into our new home, and my husband and I had decided to completely re-decorate, as our new home was going to be quite different in style to our previous home. Initially I was just looking for some assistance to purchase some pictures that could only be sourced through an interior designer. The Wholesale Agency gave me Susan’s number. I gave her a call and she was very happy to help…no job was too big or too small. After speaking with her, I immediately felt comfortable, and knew that she was going to be able to help me enormously with my entire project. I work long hours, and putting a whole house together when you are short on time was quite overwhelming.

Susan in her very professional, friendly, warm and collaborative style, put me at ease. We attacked the project room by room. She had some wonderful ideas, and was very able to quickly pick up on my style, and what would appeal to me. She worked in such a wonderful and collaborative way, and was never pushy in terms of doing it her way. She would always present me with 3 or 4 great, practical options (that would all work well), and we discussed them together. I also have two young children, and she was very mindful of creating an interior not only that looked good, but would work well in terms of practicality. At every step of the way, I felt that I had real input into creating my new beautiful interior, which was very rewarding.

She was extremely clever in terms of recommending textures, colours, fabrics and furniture…in fact everything. She was always very professional and diligent, and has followed things through to the end.

Susan also has great relationships with some very good suppliers that stock beautiful, high quality items. She was able to source me these at wholesale, which meant that I saved considerably, and this more than covered the costs for Susan’s great work. At the end of the day, when you are investing in large items, you want to get it right with no regrets down the line.

We are absolutely delighted with the result, and I look around every day and absolutely love the space I live in thanks to Susan.

My project has now come to an end, and I am going to miss working with Susan. She has really made doing my interior a total dream!